I'm Paul, owner/photographer/graphic designer at PS Photo  Media.  I got my start in photography back in 2002 and fell in love. It  is a passion not a job for me. I love capturing the faces of my clients  during the best moments of their lives. When I am not shooting weddings,  families and kids, I am usually shooting scenic shots. Yes when I am  not shooting, I am shooting, why... because I truly LOVE it.  


A little about me:

- Born and raised in Southern California

- Favorite Color is Black

- I only shop at Express

(that's it. No more, no less)

- I love Disneyland

- I have 5 dogs

 (my wife won't stop bringing them home lol)

- I love to travel 

- Winter is my favorite time of year

- You will always find me with a 5 o'clock shadow

- I could eat sushi everyday 


My philosophy is simple:  Do exceedingly well for your clients, go above  and beyond, and you will never pay for marketing again.